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Zerin's Baby Massage & Yoga Classes

- 5 week group classes

-One-to-one sessions

-Daddy-&-Me sessions                    

Zerin's Story Massage & Movement ClassesGroup classes based over 4 weeks

Suitable for babies 3.5 months +


Zerin Smith Antenatal & Baby Massage

Bump - Birth - Baby

Support, friendship and comfort for your journey


On Wednesday 29th April, I was invited onto BBC Radio Leicester to talk about my antenatal classes during the pandemic***

Listen in at 2hrs, 37 mins into the programme, to hear why antenatal classes have been so valuable for so many expectant parents and the community you can become part of.


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Why friendships and support mean so much 

I am an NCT Antenatal Teacher because of the friendships I made over 10 years ago. I went to my first NCT Antenatal class when I was pregnant. I was the first of my friends and my close family to have a baby and I was going on a journey that felt so different to anything I had experienced before.

I can share with you that I would not have had the positive experience I did if it wasn't for the other couples in my group and the support we provided each other with, especially during that first year!!

 During the summer in 2019, my group got together again and we celebrated 10 years since our babies had been born!!!

Your pregnancy, labour & birth and life with your baby can be so exciting, but it can bring lots of questions, worries and changes to your life.

 All my classes, are great way to prepare for your journey and enjoy your time with your baby. Really importantly, they are a friendly, welcoming, warm and comfortable place to make friends, ask the questions you may have and to feel safe.

 I have been an NCT Antenatal Practitioner for over 8 years and I took the natural step to become a Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor with the IAIM. This then led to becoming a Story Massage & Movement Teacher.


My Classes

NCT Antenatal Classes - Evening and weekend courses

Bespoke Antenatal sessions - a one-to-one (or two) experience

Zerin's Baby Massage & Yoga classes 

Zerin's Story Massage & Movement classes

My then and now...… (my little boy is on the far left)