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Zerin's Baby Massage & Yoga Classes

- 5 week group classes

-One-to-one sessions

-Daddy-&-Me sessions                    

Zerin's Story Massage & Movement ClassesGroup classes based over 4 weeks

Suitable for babies 3.5 months +


Next available course dates:

HOLD THE PRESS -  NCT Zoom courses  

NCT have moved all their antenatal courses online following the guidance from the UK government until October 2020. And frankly these courses are great!! - There is 15% off these courses too.

Consider this - you are at home in your comfy, stretchy pj's and can eat all the biscuits you want and you are comfy on your sofa. All this and you are attending your antenatal class and making new friends - perfect!

Evening courses -

ONLINE COURSE - 15% OFF - Starting Tuesday 27th October                    For Leicester postcodes & Late December to February due dates        


FACE TO FACE COURSE - Broughton Astley Village Hall - Starting Thursday 3rd December. For South Leicestershire postcodes & February to March Due dates                              


FACE TO FACE COURSE - St Edward Confessor Church Hall - Starting Tuesday 15th December. For Leicester postcodes & Mid February to Mid April due dates                                  


Weekend courses -

ONLINE COURSE - 15% OFF                                                                                       For Leicester postcodes & October to December due dates              Monday 28th September - 6.45pm - 8.15pm                                            Saturday 4th October - 9.30am - 3.15pm                                                          Sunday 5th October - 9.30am - 3.15pm                        


FACE TO FACE COURSE  - Braunstone Civic Centre                                                For Leicester postcodes & December to Early Feb due dates                    Wednesday 18th November - 6.45pm - 9.15pm                                            Saturday 4th October - 9.30am - 4pm                                                          Sunday 5th October - 9.30am - 4pm


FACE TO FACE COURSE  - Braunstone Civic Centre                                              For Leicester postcodes & January to Early March due dates                    Monday 7th December - 6.45pm - 9.15pm                                              Saturday 12th December - 9.30am - 4pm                                                          Sunday 13th December - 9.30am - 4pm


NCT Signature antenatal courses are the nation’s favourite, supporting you through pregnancy and making sure you’re prepared for labour and early parenthood. Develop the skills you need to tackle this adventure confidently, with our support.

I have been facilitating NCT antenatal classes for over 8 years in Leicestershire. During your classes we concentrate on your local maternity services and support available to you.


 Having a baby is a magical time – but it can feel overwhelming, too. The NCT Signature course gets you ready for everything parenthood might throw at you. With helpful classes, group work and practical sessions, Signature makes learning about your new baby fun.

Signature courses are the most detailed look at birth and early parenthood, with lots of time to ask questions. We shape our classes around the needs of you and your classmates, covering everything you need to know.


You’re in safe hands with NCT – we’ve been the nation’s favourite for over 60 years.


What is covered in a Signature NCT Antenatal course?

Labour and birth                                                                                            We look in detail at labour & birth, making sure you’re totally ready to embrace this deeply emotional experience. We cover everything from birthing positions and massage to the different places you can choose to give birth. 

Caring for your baby                                                                                    Every new parent wants to give their baby the best possible start in life. We help you understand your baby and make informed decisions about looking after him or her.  Topics, such as your baby's brain development, sleep and understanding what your baby needs and practical baby care are discussed.

Becoming a family                                                                                        We help you develop important skills for adjusting to life with your new baby. You’ll learn to understand changes to you and your partner’s relationship, and talk about your health post-birth. We’ll also tell you where you can go for extra health advice and support. 


To find out about my courses near you:

Please feel very welcome to give me a call and lets have a chat and find a course for you


You can also find all courses on the NCT website:



We want every parent to have access to our courses, so we offer flexible payment plans and generous discounts for parents relying on certain benefits, or whose total household income is less than £28,190 per year. Email the NCT to learn more or if you have any specific questions, they will be very happy to help.  The email is: